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Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now, new book by Cockcroft

Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now by James D. Cockcroft, New York: Monthly Review Press, ISBN: 978-1-58367-224-2, 160 pages, 2010

$14.95 paperback, History / Latin America & The Caribbean
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“This timely book that marks the bicentennial of Mexico’s independence from Spain as well as the centennial of the Mexican Revolution provides a context for understanding the anti-imperialist resistance of the Mexican people and the current capitalist crisis that is creating economic refugees of hundreds of thousands of Mexicans. A passionate, beautifully written work that clarifies, informs, and calls for action.”
—Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
author of Roots of Resistance:
A History of Land Tenure in New Mexico

“Historian and political activist Jim Cockcroft, inspired by the Mexican revolutionary tradition from Magón to the contemporary Zapatistas, describes Mexico’s trajectory from the Revolution of 1910 to the upheavals of today. Bringing to bear both his scholarship and his own involvement in Mexican and immigrant issues, Cockcroft describes the peasant revolution and labor radicalism, women’s and indigenous movements, as well as the migrants’ struggles and international alliances which constitute the main currents of Mexican history and represent the wellsprings of the Mexican future. It is a radical scholar’s guide to radical Mexico and well worth the read.”
—Dan La Botz
Editor, Mexican Labor News and Analysis

“This book is very important for its explanation of the influence of the ideas behind Mexico’s revolution yesterday and today. It is a work that professors and students interested in the Mexican Revolution must consult.”
—Dr. Enrique Florescano
National Coordinator of Historical Projects for the
National Council for Culture and the Arts, Mexico

“This new work by one of the leading Mexicanist scholars of our time will fuel the continuing debate of progressive forces about the meaning of the great rebellion. There are chapters on the current situation in Mexico, the war against the drug lords, the influence of the conservative Catholic hierarchy, and the reactionary National Action Party in power and its infiltration by disguised fascists. Cockcroft describes the fight back of women, labor, students, peasants, intellectuals, the original peoples who speak ancient languages, and Mexican immigrants in the USA. This book is a landmark in the centennial celebration of the Mexican Revolution—a great, lively read and a must for all libraries plus college courses on Latin America, Mexico, and U.S. foreign policy.”
—Ross Gandy, Professor of Historical Sociology
National Autonomous University of Mexico
author of Marx and History

“An intellectual, cultural and socio-economic history, enriched by biographical entries, Dr. Cockcroft’s book constitutes an unrivalled classic on the socio-political and ideological roots of what is happening today, the Centenary of the revolution in Mexico. Moreover, it’s a literary piece most satisfying to read.”
—Dr. Jacinto Barrea Bassols
Director of Historical Studies
National Institute of Anthropology and History, Mexico

“By an eloquent historian, this work is key to understanding both the Mexican Revolution and the social movements which it inspired, from the Magonistas to the twenty first century Zapatistas.”
—Dr. Devra Weber
Department of History, University of California, Riverside
Written to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the first predominantly anti-capitalist revolution in the world, Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now is the perfect introductory text and one that will also sharpen the understanding of seasoned observers. Cockcroft provides readers with the historical context within which the revolution occurred; explains how the revolutionary process has played out over the past ten decades; tells us how the ideals of the revolution live on in the minds of Mexico’s peasants and workers; and critically examines the contours of modern Mexican society, including its ethnic and gender dimensions. Well-deserved attention is paid to the tensions between the rulers and the ruled inside the country and the connected tensions between the Mexican nation and the neighboring giant to the north.
Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now also explores the possibility of Mexico’s revolutionary history finally bearing the fruit long hoped for by the country’s disenfranchised—a prospect kept alive by the unyielding struggle of the last one hundred years. This is the definitive introduction to one of the most important events of the twentieth century.